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  • Evaluate and appraise community pharmacies throughout the country for a number of different reasons (tax matters, legal matters, potential for sale) based on current and past performance, key financial indicators and comparable sales of similar businesses.
  • Maintain a large database of recent transactions by virtue of the scope of our national activities in the arena of evaluating, buying and selling pharmacies. With more than three hundred pharmacies sold by our company, we have the most extensive database/history of pharmacy transactions available anywhere.
  • Market a pharmacy to our large (more than 2,500 at this moment) national database of registered and prequalified buyers.
  • Advertise pharmacies for sale in the appropriate local and national publications and on our website.
  • Manage the process of connecting buyers and sellers to find the best possible match for their individual expectations.
  • Provide buyers with financial and marketplace analyses to assist them in the decision making process.
  • Utilize sophisticated financial modeling to clearly identify past trends and the potential for future profitability.
  • Assist in all negotiations, acting as the focal point to address concerns of buyers and sellers alike.
  • Facilitate contact with the required professionals, attorneys and accountants in particular, and the many regulatory agencies which are part of the Buy-Sell process.
  • Maintain the utmost confidentiality throughout the process, thereby protecting both buyer and seller. This is absolutely critical during the transition of ownership process, protects all parties and maintains the value of the business.


"Owning a store in a remote, rural area gave me great concern about the ability to find a buyer, despite the fact that my business was successful and quite lucrative. I was pleasantly surprised when Buy-Sell produced a young pharmacist who, along with his spouse and family, was happy to relocate to our area and purchase the store for a fair price."        E.G., Kentucky

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