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Financing the Acquisition of a Pharmacy

The issues that surround the financing of the acquisition of a pharmacy, while often very complex, can be distilled down to two core premises:

  1. Sellers want to be sure that they will receive all the proceeds of any sale that is made, and;
  2. Buyers, particularly first time buyers, rarely if ever have the money required to pay for their proposed acquisition in cash.

There are three more or less "traditional" sources of this financing, including:

  1. Banks and other financial/lending institutions, often with Small Business Administration (SBA) guarantees
  2. Suppliers, most often wholesalers
  3. The seller of the business

There are a variety of combinations of these three methods which can make up the financing package for the acquisition of a pharmacy. Regardless of which method(s) are employed, there are certain constants in the equation. These include:

  • A "reasonable" equity contribution by the buyer, somewhere between fifteen and twenty five percent of the total deal. If there is real estate involved in the transaction, whereby the buyer is also purchasing the building from the seller, this may lower the equity contribution required, particularly if SBA-guaranteed bank financing is involved.
  • A professional evaluation of the business, to support the value and price being paid.Complete financial documentation from both the buyer and the seller. If SBA guarantees are involved or required, there are a reasonably complex set of forms that must be completed.
  • The posting of additional collateral other than the assets of the business, usually in the form of a lien on the buyer's home, assuming he or she owns one, particularly with SBA-guaranteed transactions or those where the equity contribution is lower than average.
  • The personal guarantee of the purchaser(s).

There are many ramifications to the various methods of financing a transaction, all of which should/must be explored by both buyers and sellers prior to negotiating and closing the deal. It is important to seek the advice of qualified professionals who are familiar with these types of transactions: attorneys, accountants, financial counselors and others who can explore the various financing methods and help guide both buyers and sellers in the proper direction.

We are pleased to lend our considerable experience and expertise in this arena to both buyers and sellers, to help insure that a successful transaction is completed.




"I needed to make an all cash deal to sell my store successfully, pay off my debts and have a reasonable amount of the proceeds remaining to invest. Buy-Sell not only found the buyer for me but arranged for the financing, enabling me to cash out and move on with my life."    
K.O., New Jersey

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