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Hudson County - A well-established full line pharmacy and liquor store located in a pleasant middle-class Hudson County town. Located on the Hudson River, halfway between the GW Bridge and the Lincoln Tunnel, this store serves a middle-class trading area of more than 6,000 people, has limited independent competition. FYE 12/31/16 showed reported sales of $2.8MM, up 8% from 2015. 25% of the sales are in high margin liquor and wine, the balance in prescriptions with some OTC sales as well. The store is currently filling 23,000++ Rxs annually, 20% cash, the balance traditional Managed Care plans. The hours for the pharmacy are 9:30-8:00p, Monday - Friday, 9:30-3 Saturday, closed Sundays. The retail/liquor store is open seven days a week, 9-9 Monday - Friday, 9-8 Saturday, 10-6 Sunday. The store occupies a 6,000 sq. ft. space which includes 500 sq. ft. of storage. Current lease, with options, expires in 2028. Current base rent is $10,609.00 per month. The required payroll includes 1 FT Pharmacist (the current owner is absentee), 1 PT Pharmacist, 1 FT tech, 1 FT clerk, 2 PT clerks, driver. All existing personnel are experienced and knowledgeable about the customers and the local market. There is some financing available for a creditworthy and qualified buyer with a reasonable equity contribution. This is an opportunity for a young pharmacist, a first-time buyer perhaps, to purchase a well-established store in a pleasant, urban environment. This store has ample opportunity to grow, explore new niches and specialty opportunities, under new and motivated management. The liquor department provides a source of high profit, non-Rx business, and the license, due to the limited number issued in each Jersey town, has much value. This is a great location and the long lease adds value as well.

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