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Tony De Nicola, the founder of Buy-SellaPharmacy.com, has written a series of articles which have been published in America's Pharmacist, the official magazine of the NCPA, and many other industry publications. As their titles indicate, the articles address various aspects and components of the process of purchasing and/or selling a pharmacy. You can review the topic list below and click on the title of any article that interests you. These articles are all copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without the author's express permission.


"As an attorney, I have worked with many of the Buy-Sell team members to facilitate transactions in different states. Their assistance with the many legal, regulatory and accounting issues that impact on the successful sale of a pharmacy has been invaluable to me."      H.W., Esq., California


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All financial information about pharmacies listed and buyer's qualifications are representations of the principals, and are not guaranteed in any way by Buy-Sell A Pharmacy.com. Buyers and Sellers are urged to perform all necessary due diligence through whatever means they are most comfortable with prior to entering into a transaction to buy or sell any pharmacy listed on this web site.